Athenahealth Medical Billing Vs. AdvancedMD Medical Billing Software

Athenahealth Medical Billing

Finding the right medical billing software for your practice is not an easy task. You’d have to keep a lot of things in mind. What type of medical billing software do you need? What features are you looking for? What your budget? These are but some of the questions you’ll have to think about. Although some of the features and services of medical billing software are similar, there are more than one differences as well. In this blog, we’ll talk about two of the top-tier athena medicl software ; Athenahealth medical billing vs. AdvancedMD medical billing software. 

Here’s what we’ll talk about in this blog.

  • What is Athenahealth Medical Billing?
  • What is AdvancedMD Medical Billing?
  • Athenahealth Medical Billing vs. AdvancedMD Medical Billing 
  • Which is the Right Choice for Your Practice?

What is Athenahealth Medical Billing?

Athenahealth EMR offers a wide range of services that provide an all-in-one solution to all your needs. Their services are divided into five different modules based on their functionality. Currently, they offer five healthcare modules that include AthenaClinicals (EMR/EHR), AthenaCollector (practice management), AthenaCommunicator, AthenaClarity (medical billing), and AthenaCoordinator. We’ll be talking about the features of AthenaClarity, their medical billing software.

Athenahealth makes collections easier with claims management support. Their revenue cycle management services provide transparency and enables you to get paid faster with less effort.

Some of the top features of Athenahealth’s medical billing include:

  • Claims Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Revenue Cycle Dashboard
  • Performance Reporting
  • Patient Check-Ins
  • Integrated Billing

Athenahealth medical billing helps make sure that you are paid in full and on-time. Their average first pass resolve rate is a whopping 93%. Not to mention they also offer denied claims management to help you get paid. So even if by chance your claims are denied, Athenahealth helps in their resubmission with accurately coded documentations.

Here are some of the pros and cons of Athenahealth medical billing software.


  • Provides flexibility and scalability 
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Offers integration with 3rd party apps to improve patient experience


  • It may become expensive for most small to medium-scale practices.

Of course, there are other benefits of Athenahealth medical billing software as well. For instance, they also offer payment reminders, eligibility verification, e-superbills, and electronic remittance.

Software Finder Rating: 4/5 based on Athenahealth user reviews.

What is AdvancedMD Medical Billing?

AdvancedMD is a cloud-based healthcare service provider that aims to fulfill practitioner’s needs through their revolutionary healthcare IT technologies. Their services include full-fledged EMR/EHR software, practice management, revenue cycle management, managed billing, patient experience, and telehealth services.

Instead of thinking of itself as just another service provider, AdvancedMD considers itself a part of your practice, where their success is dependent on your success. That’s why they’ve designed their services to offer long-term growth benefits for you. Their ideology is to grow with your practice.

Some of AdvancedMD medical billing software’s features include:

  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Accounts Receivables Control Center
  • Medical Scheduling
  • Payment Processing
  • EHR Integration
  • ClaimInspector
  • Electronic Eligibility Verification
  • Electronic Remittance
  • Data Conversion

Although the list could go on, it’ll become a pretty extensive list. AdvancedMD medical billing software offers their users a range of services to ensure their needs are met without any additional effort. For instance, they offer all of the services you would need to manage your claims submission from a single place. 

Here’s a list of pros and cons for AdvancedMD medical billing software:


  • Provides a wide range of services and features to help improve clinical efficiency.
  • Offers client referral bonus for every new physician that you bring.
  • Offers a user-friendly, engaging, and minimalistic user interface. 


  • Training materials and in-person training are costly.
  • May lack specialty-specific services. 


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Athenahealth Medical Billing vs. AdvancedMD Medical Billing

So far we’ve discussed various features of the two medical billing software along with their strengths and weaknesses. Athenahealth medical billing and AdvancedMD medical billing software are both two formidable opponents when it comes to comparing the two software. It might not be easy to decide which one’s the better medical billing software. 

Both, Athenahealth medical billing and AdvancedMD medical billing have their own unique strengths and limitations. For instance, Athenahealth medical billing focuses more on sustainability and accessibility of their services. On the other hand, AdvancedMD medical billing aims to provide a complete set of services and features that you might need a practice. 

Although there are some basic services that both of these medical billing software provide. For instance, both the software provide claims management, denial management, and medical scheduling.

When it comes to their values, AdvancedMD medical billing aims to provide a complete range of healthcare IT services that provide ease in all aspects of medical billing. However, Athenahealth’s medical billing software enables practitioners to focus more on their patients and not have to get tangled in routine medical billing tasks like documentation and claims submission.

Which One to Choose? 

Although the final decision depends on the needs of your practices. If you need a feature-extensive medical billing software that provides all of the services you might need, AdvancedMD is the clear winner. However, if you’re more focused on improving your clinical workflows to be more flexible, sustainable, and scalable, Athena medical software would be more effective.