Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad 2022 – REVIEW

A full-size arrow key layout and document navigation are features of the silver apple magic keyboard with numeric pad. Numbers are also entered faster using the numeric keypad, which is useful for spreadsheets and finance software.

Each key’s scissor mechanism provides enhanced stability and optimized travel. Comfortable typing is also provided by the low-profile design. Battery life for the Apple Magic Keyboard can range from one month to a month (battery life may vary). It can be recharged using the Lightning to USB cable when the battery is low.

Is the Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad worth buying?

No need to connect your Magic keyboard to a computer if you want a full-size apple magic keyboard in Dubai. There is now a Bluetooth Magic Keyboard with Numerical Keypad that Apple released, and we are totally in love with it. All that extra stuff isn’t necessary for everyone. Take a moment to consider what you might do with a 10-key number pad if you’re considering an upgrade.

Size matters

Due to the new section with different numbers and function keys, the Apple Magic Keyboard with Numerical Keypad is 5.5 inches larger than the standard Magic Keyboard. Additionally, the arrow keys have been enlarged as well as additional controls.

Please note this because it may not fit your keyboard tray if you have a Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad. My Magic Trackpad cannot work since it only does mine. It is possible to position the trackpad off to the side, but this places it higher than would be comfortable or ergonomically correct.

The Magic Trackpad is not compatible with keyboard trays less than 25 inches long. Using a keyboard tray shorter than 25 inches will require you to find another way to navigate your cursor. While I preferred my Magic Mouse 2 over my Magic Trackpad, it was still quite cramped. I switched back to my Magic Trackpad after a while.

Faster productivity with additional control keys

Standard Apple Magic Keyboards display 12 F keys. Using the Option or Command keys will give you more options. Adding in a numeric keypad and 19 F keys, along with full-size up, down, left, and right arrow keys, nearly double that number. The full-size version! Furthermore, the keyboard has dedicated keys for Home, End, page up, page down, and delete. It is very similar to the keyboard layout on Windows computers.

Using the Home key will return the cursor to the top of the page, and using the End key will position it at the bottom. Instead of deleting letters behind the cursor, you can use the Delete Key next to Home and End.

This additional control key is perfect for those who use keyboard shortcuts often, especially those who code. You will never need to switch to your mouse or trackpad once you become accustomed to them.

Number crunchers love numbers.

In addition to the number pad, the Magic Keyboard has a numeric keypad. Those who regularly crunch numbers or code will appreciate the convenience of a small square with ten numbers packed tightly into it. You can tap away with your right hand instead of reaching across a long line.

Using the traditional keys above the letters or the Numerical Keypad is an option when using the standard Magic Keyboard.

A 10-key pad isn’t useful if you don’t frequently use numbers. As an extension of the keyboard, it will seem unnecessary.

A 10-key number pad, on the other hand, will change your life if you crunch numbers often – if you are an accountant, programmer, or lover of math (if you don’t already use one).

You are more alike than you realize

It is similar to the Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad and the Magic Keyboard with standard keys. Keyboards feel the same, keys have the same spacing, and Apple-specific navigation controls are all present, such as quick access to Launch Pad and iTunes playback.

With the new function key, you can replace the keypad at the bottom left of the keyboard, and the remaining Control, Option, and Command keys are now larger, and the arrow keys have been moved to the keypad. Also, Control, Option, and Command keys on the right now have a larger size.

In the right corner of the board, 5.5 inches make a significant difference. The number pad has a 10-key number pad with mathematics symbols, seven additional F keys, half a dozen key controls, and larger arrow keys.

Is Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad worth it?

I have been using the Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad for over a week now, and I love it. Despite not needing a dedicated number pad, I’ve always wished Apple would create one for the Apple Magic Keyboard. My keyboard tray takes up too much space, which is a problem for me.

The number pad is not something I need anymore, so I’ll probably switch back to my standard Magic Keyboard once the number pad is no longer necessary (but I would like to have a play with its additional keys for some time). Whether you are thinking about getting the Magic Keyboard with Numerical Keypad or not, it will depend on how much use you will get out of that extra 5.5 inches on your desktop.

It is unsuitable for those who use trackpads or mice a lot and have a keyboard tray less than 25 inches long.

You should upgrade to the Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad if you tend to use keyboard shortcuts more than you use a mouse or trackpad. However, only if you frequently use numbers on your keyboard. Aside from a few cool key controls, it’s just Apple Magic Keyboard extension. The standard model feels and looks the same.

A numerical Keypad is a must-have if you code a lot of work with numbers. A 10-key number pad and seven extra F keys add much functionality with more control keys and a half-dozen extra keystrokes over the standard model. The keyboard will never be a problem again.

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