Animal Adventures for the Family in Tenerife

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands, and is an extremely popular tourist spot for families. With its sandy beaches, clear sea waters and glorious sunshine, it’s no surprise that millions of travellers flock there every year. However, there’s more to the island than just the beaches – if you and your kids love nature, there are numerous animal attractions that are sure to make your next Tenerife holiday the best one yet.

Watery Adventures

Forget the aquarium – you’re in the perfect place to see some amazing sea life out in the wild. Head out on one of the many boat trips available that sail around the waters between Tenerife and La Gomera and you’re sure to spot dolphins and perhaps even some whales. The most commonly seen are bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales, but there are more than 20 other species living in this part of the ocean. Children will adore the thrilling boat ride – sightings of the animals will simply be the cherry on top of a brilliant day trip.

Camel Rides

Unique camel riding experiences can be found all over the island, but originally the camels was situated mainly in the southern areas. Parks including La Camella, El Tanque and Puerto de la Cruz all offer this amazing experience. Accompanied by knowledgeable guides, adults and children can all enjoy a ride on these majestic creatures while admiring the surrounding natural beauty – it’s a nature lover’s dream!

Butterfly Farm

The Mariposario del Drago (the Butterfly Farm) makes for a delightful family day out, particularly for animal enthusiasts. The indoor park is home to over 800 species of beautiful butterflies and is the perfect sanctuary for them, full of tropical trees and fruits. The animals will be fluttering about everywhere you turn, so the room is always alive with vibrant colours. The butterflies aren’t afraid to land on passing visitors. This interaction is often enjoyed by the children, though sometimes it can frighten the very young ones.

How to Get There

Tenerife has two airports, one in the north and one in the south, so find out which is closest to your chosen holiday accommodation before you book your flights. From the UK, the flight time is approximately four and a half hours, so it’s definitely worth packing a few toys and games for the children. To save some time, you can pre-book Tenerife transfers with a shuttle service to take you straight from the airport to your accommodation. Little ones can become easily agitated after long flights; the quicker you can get out of the airport, the better.

Book your adventure and enjoy the island’s animal scene with the youngsters – they certainly won’t forget it! Even if you’re not into nature, Tenerife is still a fantastic place for a holiday. There will always be an activity for you, no matter where your interests lie.

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