All You Need To Know About Laser Treatment for Acne

All You Need To Know About Laser Treatment for Acne

Laser treatments are the best way to deal with scars and pigmentation left behind when treating acne, but can be helpful for inflammatory acne, too. However, the non-inflammatory comedonal acne is not known to be particularly effective. The primary advantage of laser therapy is that it has very direct effects. Here, we have mentioned a few things you need to know about laser treatment for acne.

How Acne scars form?

Acne occurs as skin pores fill up with dead skin cells, oil and bacteria. In the end, they become inflamed and burst. Your body will produce collagen to try to heal the damage, which will end up altering your skin’s smoothness and texture. This may mean discomfort and tingling of the skin or excessive skin formation. Acne happens when pores of the skin get filled with blood, dead cells of the skin and bacteria. The pores are inflamed, and inevitably burst. When the pore wall bursts further into the flesh the infected material spills into the deep tissues, causing greater lesions. To treat this condition, you can reach the right cosmetic clinic in Sydney.

Behind laser treatment

Lasers create extreme monochromatic light, limited to a very small band of wavelengths. This light has no effect on certain things, and has effects of high intensity on others. One setting can heat haemoglobin but has no effect on adjacent skin cells. Another environment could “melt” the melanin that causes profound skin pigmentation. One third could spray tattoo ink. In skin resurfacing, the main consequence of laser light is photothermal, heating a particular material in the skin.

The method of using laser to remove skin blemishes is known as photothermolysis, the breakdown of selected skin tissue. As the target tissue is warm, constant laser light will kill tissues surrounding the target, so laser skin treatment is typically done with pulsed lasers. Doctors found that the trick to achieving laser therapy sustaining outcomes was to ensure that the immune system did not send white blood cells to “kill” dead skin tissue. Clean-up cell aggregation known as macrophages may cause scars to form all over again. Treatment with steroid creams was accompanied by laser procedures to reduce swelling and new skin malformations.

Prevent Acne Scarring

This is probably the toughest thing to do when you’ve got troublesome bumps and pimples, but if you don’t want to end up with marks, it’s incredibly important not to pick and pinch them. You are doing more harm when you’re ‘pop’ a whitehead. Inflammation rises and more collagen is lost, meaning the skin is not able to heal as quickly as it should. It may also lead to an even deeper spread of bacteria. In fact, too much direct exposure to the sun will make acne worse, and make it last longer. Always use sunscreen to protect yourself from the sunlight, particularly when sunlight is at its greatest in the middle of the day.

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