Admission Requirements of John Hopkins Medical School

Admission Requirements of John Hopkins Medical School

The John Hopkins Medical School is located in Baltimore, Maryland and is known to be the top leading and renowned medical schools in the U.S. It is known to offer the best of the services in the M.D. The program is based on 4 years of program duration. It is a combination of team-based learning, along with clinical-based medical education. Students will be able to gain medical skills which will help the students to achieve excellent clinical settings for the future.

When it comes to the M.D program, it is considered to be a competitive one. According to the recent report, just 6330 students applied for the M.D. Program in 2018 out of which just 280 were enrolled. This makes the acceptance rate of this medical school to add up with 4.5%. For the year 2018, just 109 of the students were enrolled in the John Hopkins Medical School. Out of these just 73 students were male, and the rest of the 35 were female. 15 students were in the category of underrepresented minorities.

Ranking of Johns Hopkins Medical School

According to the U.S. News & World Report because of the internal medicine program for the year 2018, Johns Hopkins is #1 at the ranking in the United States. It is all tied with the Harvard University for the ranking of #1 spot.

In the field of research, John Hopkins medical school is on 2nd spot, for radiology field it is on 2nd spot, for surgery field it is at the ranking of 2nd spot, for the field of Obstetrics and gynaecology it is at 3rd ranking, and for the field of paediatrics, it has the ranking of 5th position.

Application Process

The whole process of the application is divided into four steps discussed below:

  • You have to submit your application form online through the American Medical College Application Service.
  • You also have to complete the secondary application after the primary application is finished.
  • Submit your recommendation letters.

You have to submit the primary application before 1st October 2020. The final deadline date for the submission of the secondary application is 1st November 2020. Selection decision of the candidates related to the admission will be made by the committee in the months of December and January. In Mid-August, the orientation of the classes will start off.

Requirements for John Hopkins Minimum Medical School

If you are planning to take admission to John Hopkins Medical School, then it is important to cover a few basic requirements first which are discussed below:

  • The Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT)

It is important for the applicant to acquire standardized testing for high acceptance. You should appear for the MCAT not after September in the same year in which you are applying for it.

The average score of the MCAT has to be 522, which is on the 99th percentile. There are just 1% of the students who are successful enough in scoring 522 over MCAT.

  • GPA Scores

At the time of the admission, it is important that you should submit your academic record copy which should be based on GPA scores. Average GPA score by the candidate has to be 3.91 out of 4.0 scale.

  • Academic Prerequisites

This medical school is offering a wide range of academic prerequisites for admission. For successful admission, below courses are required:

  • Chemistry has One year or a maximum of 8 semester hours of general college chemistry with the laboratory is required. Four semester hours or at least one semester of organic chemistry is required, as well.
  • Biochemistry has one semester, or at least four hours of biochemistry is needed. A lab is yet not required for biochemistry.
  • Mathematics has One year of statistics, or calculus is required. This somehow equals six to eight hours of the semester.
  • Physics has General college physics (one year) is hence required. The course is also included with a laboratory.

Undergraduate Degree

To take admission in the undergraduate degree, it is important to have a degree of B.S. or B.A. from an accredited academic institution to be the part of John Hopkins Medical School.

The whole process of the admission candidate selection will be made under the consultation of the admission committee. This committee will have the members who belong to the different departments of the medical school, such as health sciences or basic sciences.

Letters of Recommendations

It is mandatory that the applicant should submit at least 3 letters of recommendations which need to be signed by the undergraduate professors. Two of the professors should be from the science faculty, and one has to be from the non-science faculty member.

Make sure that the letters of recommendation are powerful, and they do even highlight the skills and insight abilities of the students. Plus the letters should also be personalized and do even contain anecdotes that fully adds interest to your whole application.

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This was the sum-up of the discussion about John Hopkins Medical School! This medical school is working as a private medical school which is extra competitive as compared to the rest of the medical schools. All of their offered courses and programs are known to be on the top lists in the United States, which will help the students to make a strong career in the field of medicine and health.

If you want to study under the best educational services for your medical career, then without wasting any time, apply for this medical school right now! It is worth to be part of!

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