8 Must-Know Tips for Shifting from Bangalore to Kerala

Shifting your house from one city to another is a stressful and onerous task. While you are considering shifting from Bangalore to Kerala, you have to plan and prepare for your move in detail. Execute the move according to the plan. In this article, I have mentioned the 8 must-know tips if you are considering shifting from Bangalore to Kerala. Read along to know more:

1. Strategise your move

The first thing to do as the thought of house shifting springs up is to strategise your move. Make practical decisions on which your intercity move will be based. Fix the date of your move if you are in a position to do so. Many a time, you shift according to the date of your joining in your new company in the new city. But if you are not under some obligation like that, you should choose to move a month later than the present date as you need time to prepare for the shifting.

Fix a budget for your house shifting by checking your present savings and making sure that you will not have any trouble if you spend on the move. According to your budget decide if you have the capacity to hire professional packers and movers or do you have to conduct the shifting on your own.

2. Construct a checklist

After you are done with the planning, it is time for the preparation phase for your house shifting from Bangalore to Kerala. For an organised preparation, you should construct a checklist and follow it till you accomplish the move. While constructing the checklist, enlist all the needful preparatory activities that you need to do before the move. If you work according to the checklist, you will not have any pressure of completing any important task till the last moment as you will be done with everything.

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3. Make your house clutter-free

When you are moving long-distance from Bangalore to Kerala, you should focus on keeping your move light-weight. To achieve this, you should make your house free of clutter. Separate the essentials from the pile of inessentials. You should be wise about steering clear of the inessentials from your house. You can choose to sell the old and worn-out furniture and equipment. This will get you some extra money in exchange for the things that you don’t need. If you have reusable items like books, toys, shoes, and old clothes, you can donate them to an NGO. Dispose of all the damaged and useless things that are left behind among the inessentials.

4. Keep the imperative possessions aside

We all have some of the imperative possessions in our house like the jewellery from heirlooms, high-end watches, and pricey gadgets along with sensitive documents. You should not trust the packers and movers to handle imperative possessions like these. So, pack them in a separate bag and keep them in your custody and move it with you safely on the moving day.

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5. Make essentials hamper

Make essentials hamper so that you don’t have to hack down the packing boxes to get hold of your essentials right after you shift into your new house in Kerala. Pack your dental kit, basic toiletries, bed sheets, towels, a fresh set of clothes, undergarments, etc. in the essentials hamper.

6. Get insured

As you move from Bangalore to Kerala, your goods will be travelling through a distance of 1097 Kilometres. Anything unpleasant may happen on the way and your belongings may get lost or damaged. The safety of your belongings is your primary concern and it is assured through moving insurance. Getting insured is a must in case of intercity shifting. If you get moving insurance, your packers and movers from Bangalore will be responsible for the safety of your goods. They will pay compensation for the damages on the move.

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7. Handle the utilities

In case of intercity moves, you have to be very proactive about handling the utilities like water connection, electricity connection, gas connection, internet connection, DTH connection, etc. You should be mindful about disconnecting the utilities in Bangalore on the day of the move. You have to contact the utility providers in Kerala before your move and ask them to connect the utilities from the day of your arrival.

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8. Get storage amenities

In most cases, we are not able to go and see the new house we are shifting to if we are moving long-distance. By contacting the property brokers, we keep a few options handy before finalising the new house after reaching the new city. Therefore, we need a few days in hand to check the houses individually, finalise a house, and get the customisations done. This is the occasion when we need to avail ourselves of the storage amenities. Your belongings will be safe in the storage facility as there are security guards and CCTV cameras to keep a check.

The Final Outcome

As you move from Bangalore to Kerala, you will be experiencing a more cosmopolitan lifestyle and amazing Nizami cuisine. The people are amicable and you will not face any linguistic barriers. Follow the aforementioned 8 must-know tips if you are considering shifting from Bangalore to Kerala. I wish you a blissful move!

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