8 Facebook Advertising Mistakes that Every Marketer Makes

Facebook Advertising Mistakes

Facebook is a great marketing aid and, more than 93% of the business relies on Facebook for social media advertising. This includes restaurant business, clothing, etc. Today I’ll share most 8 Facebook Advertising Mistakes that Every Marketer Makes

It has 1.5 billion active users daily and, 25% report that Facebook ads influence their shopping. Also, 26% of users who click on these ads make purchases. The average click-through rate of ads is 0.90%. So, Facebook ads have a great opportunity if people use them efficiently.

93% of people who advertise on social media are using Facebook ads. So, to stand out among the spilling over ads, you must be unique and avoid mistakes.

Here are a few advertising mistakes that every marketer makes.

1. Inclusive targeting and not manipulating custom audiences

Broad targeting is expensive and not so productive. You are probably wasting your money on thousands of people who don’t care about your product. Instead, utilize your hard earned money effectually. Use the targeting options like gender, age group, and country to be more specific.

Don’t boost posts. Organic reach always works. While boosting posts, you might have various options to target your audience, but you can’t select the objective. So, the pay for each like and comment there is not of great use.

Instead, choose backend advertising. Backend advertising provides you with the choice of objectives and tailor-made solutions.

Use your custom audiences productively. Provide the Facebook algorithm with the email Ids and accounts of your trusted and reliable customers.

The algorithm then deciphers the suiting niche and similar audiences.

Then, lay out the look-alike audiences with the same interests. It leaves the algorithm with no confusion on targeting the right audiences.

2. Don’t give away bad offers in the captions and avoid faulty copywriting

Bad offers have an immediate negative effect on the audience. So, try and make these offers catchy as possible. The value of the product is a vital thing. Use words like ‘free assessment’ and crazy numbers like 55% to attract the audience. High offers captivate customers. Only when more people arrive at the door, more people will buy it. When you sustain the quality of the product, a lot of clients will turn up with word of mouth.

Utilize a language that everyone can understand. Avoid poor grammar.

Stick to your product and never go off the topic for too long. Prefer fewer words in the copywriting. People usually don’t read the long ones.

Craft creative ads that make the audience think. 34.7% of people unfollow brands on continuous unexciting posts. Make the captions the most attractive. Reports say that Facebook ads with four-word title perform well.

3. Too many ads in a single ad set and insufficient budget

Too many ads in a single ad set don’t work well. Facebook does not promote all these ads. It picks only one or two from those.

Also, make sure you have a sufficient budget to promote the ad set. Have a backup of well-crafted ads with different text and images. If one post does not work well, you can use these backup ads.

Never scatter your budget on too many ads if your budget is small. Focus on one or two ads. Also, look for the peak timeframe. Experiment with various time slots and choose the optimal time by analytics. Never hesitate to remove the unsuccessful ads. Don’t get emotionally attached to your ads.

4. Not retargeting

Broad targeting is a waste of money. So try the alternatives and be more specific. Retarget people who clicked on your ads. It has better conversions as they have already registered interest. It can easily convert the cold audience to a warm audience. Retarget people who have already bought the product you’re advertising.

Don’t focus on likes and followers. The money doesn’t depend on the likes. It depends on the number of trusted customers who interact and engage. Instead, focus on shares. Business matter, the number of followers who are customers matter. Advertise on Facebook stories. Facebook stories have about 150 million viewers every day.

5. Dissatisfying landing page and absence of social proof

Once you draft the ad creative and, succeed in captivating the audience, focus on the landing page. Dissatisfying landing page irritates the customers. So, design the landing page according to the audience’s interests.

Analyze the customer’s needs and wants. It must resonate with them. Conduct surveys in the demographic areas for this purpose. Don’t display anything they like in the wrong sense. Fill the landing page with relevant marketing content and customize it well. Be more specific and design your ads accordingly. If you are selling flats (shoes), focus on the comfort of wearing the soles. Statistics say that a large number of people in your ad attracts customers.

Use social proof to highlight the necessity. Only then people will share it. Reports say that using social proof generates a lot of business.

6. Not micromanaging

Don’t post similar ads again and again. It minimizes the success. Experiment with different headlines, description, images, and call to action. Monitor and analyze the outcome of your ads regularly. Find out which ad works and which ad doesn’t. Invest more in the ads which work. Be consistent in posting them. Also, analyze the amount you spend on each Ad along with the response you get in return. Track the audience who are concerned.

Don’t post image only ads. If you stick to only one of them, people will get used to it. Then, when you post a video suddenly, that doesn’t work well.

Though video ads work better, people might not be used to it. So make both video and image ads. Don’t make negative ads. The Facebook algorithm doesn’t promote these ads. Avoid words like ‘struggling’ and ‘downside’. Use encouraging and positive words.

7. Not keeping your promises and lack of engagement

Always, deliver on promises. Maintain reliability and interact more with potential customers. Never lose your potential customers. Interact with them regularly.

Never post and disappear. If you get leads, respond quickly and meet their needs. Involve in conversations with your customers.

Go live frequently to promote your product at peak hours. Post consistently to bring in engagement. Videos generally have more engagement. Facebook rewards high engagement ads and makes it viral. At the same time, don’t be too promotional. 57% of the audience unfollow excessive promotional posts. Retaining the audience is as important as earning them.

8. Sticking to one platform

Never rely on one platform while you advertise on social media. Diversify your accounts on different platforms. Advertise on LinkedIn, Instagram and, Youtube at the same time for better returns. Technology has improved a lot. People mostly have accounts on many platforms. So, diversified accounts have a better reach. Focusing on a single platform causes anxiety issues when that platform changes its algorithm.

So, diversifying your accounts contributes to fault tolerance.


Your business will not rocket with one or two posts. So be patient and post regularly. Have a strategy and make sure that you don’t throw your money into the drain. Never make ads with insufficient data. Take time in collecting adequate data. Thoroughly analyze and meet the customer’s needs. Don’t make your ads seem like ads. Instead of dominating your ads with fantasy, keep them real.

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