7 Modern Link Acquisition Tactics That Work

Modern Link Acquisition

Link acquisition is a key SEO practice that can drive huge traffic to your website and improve the domain authority. However, with growing competition, getting links from the old techniques will take more time. To make the process easier for you, we have gathered the best seven modern link acquisition tactics that definitely work and help in driving more traffic. And, if you don’t have an in-house team, you can also opt for professional SEO reseller services to get more links to your domain.

1. Create valuable resources

This technique is not new but still many people fail to implement it in the correct way. The real game-changing thing in this method is resource creation. The topic should not be very specific so that only a few people will link back. And on the other side, the topic also should not be broader than it will lose its authenticity among the already present resources. Find the right intersection of audience & content and create linkable resources.

2. Get listed on other’s resource pages

There are several portals that list companies and services based on their service and countries. You need to find high domain authority platforms and outreach them for adding your site. Once they will list them, it will bring two major benefits. First is of course the backlink and second, you will get targeted traffic and you may also get business inquiries

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3. Find unlinked mentions

Another great way of link acquisition is finding those brands that have already mentioned your company but have not given any link to your website. There are very high chances that the other platforms will happily place a link over your company name. Keep in mind that while searching for such mentions, also search for key people’s names, product names as they might have mentioned you in these ways also.

4. Guest posting

Well, this is surely not new but you can call it the most effective way of getting a quality backlink to your domain. A high-quality guest blog is still appreciated by both readers and the search engine bots. If you find a good opportunity for a guest post, don’t miss it. Always try to approach websites that have DA of more than 70 as they can benefit you more in terms of passing the link juice. However, on the other side, even if you get a no-follow link, that will also be a good addition to your link acquisition profile.

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5. Image linking

If you are selling products online and especially your brand-made products, image linking can do wonders for you. There will be numerous product reviewing websites that are using images of your products without mentioning you.

You need to outreach with a very polite message and ask them to add a link to your images. You can easily find such images by using Google’s image search feature. And, if you want to pace up this process, get a professional SEO reseller package and get this job done for you. On the other hand, if you are a service-based company, you can share valuable infographics on your website and it will definitely attract more linking opportunities.

6. Comprehensive competitive research

It’s very important to do a competitor analysis and check what are their sources of generating backlinks and find how you can also get the same links from that platform. You can use any SEO analysis tool to run a quick backlink auditing and look for some golden opportunities.

If you can prepare better content than your competitor, the chances of link acquisition improve exponentially as everybody wants high-quality content that can add more value.

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7. Broken link building

This technique is an old-school way of building links but the success rate of this method is quite high and we can’t ignore this method. In broken link building, you basically search for such websites that have broken links and you can offer them better content than before so that they will link to you. This technique works really well as ultimately you are adding value to their reader base and in return, you are getting a good backlink.

So, these were the best ways for modern link acquisition which you should try and make your website’s backlink profile stronger. Get a good SEO Reseller package and ask the SEO experts to build quality links for you. Link Building is a prominent SEO technique and it’s here to stay with us for a long time.


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