7 Key Things for Vehicle Maintenance That You Can Carry Out On Your Driveway

Owning a car is always a dream of an individual. Obviously, we all want to own one car and we end up in buying a car at one point in our life. Car acts as a symbol of pride and status. But when you buy a car of your own, it comes with a set of challenges. Maintenance of the car plays an important role to keep it in running condition. We come across good and bad road conditions almost every day and traffic add to the misery of the car.

But don’t worry we have 7 tips for the car maintenance that can keep your car in the running condition. And the best part of this is that all the tips are quite simple and could be performed by any one even in your own metal garages.

  • Go through the manufacturer’s manual: It is always a wise choice that you go through the manufacturer’s manual in detail. You must always read the manual so that you are aware of the details about your car. It will help you in gathering detailed information like service interval, engine oil change intervals and some basic troubleshooters. Therefore, if you go through the manual carefully, then you can easily solve some of the basic problems that you can encounter after you own the car.
  • Change engine oil: Changing of the engine oil please an important role as it affects the overall health of the engine. An individual can easily check the engine oil level either through the dipstick or it can reflect on the digital display if it’s a digital gauge. When you take your car for the servicing, you can even ask the mechanic to display how to check the level of engine oil. It is always important that you maintained the prescribed oil level.
  • Check all the fluids: There are some other Fluids in the car that are as important as the engine oil. Some of the fluids of the car are coolant, brake fluid, AC coolant, power steering fluid and washer fluid. It is important that you fill up the fluids as per the markings. You can even take help of the mechanic or call for one in your own metal garage if you are not much into this. It is important that you change the fluids at regular intervals as it can keep your car in good condition for a longer period of time.
  • Check the battery: Obviously, your car wouldn’t start without a battery. In this modern world, the batteries are much easy to maintain and all you need to do is to check it in regular intervals of time. Also, you need to check the terminals of the battery to see if there is any rusting or damage on the battery and if you find it, clean them frequently. If you are not using the car for longer period of time, then you must run the car for at least twice in a week so as to keep the battery alive.
  • Check tire pressure: It is vital that you check the tire pressure for at least once in 15 days. If the tires are underinflated, then it will result in more fuel consumption. Also, the tires will wear out faster. If the tires are over inflated, then it can result in the tire burst. You must always maintain the tire pressure as advised by your car manufacturer.
  • Clean or replace the air filter: If you are one of the proud owners of the modern car, then cleaning the air filter is a very simple and easy job as it can be done with some basic tools. It is always advisable that you check the air filter for at least once in a month. You can easily clean it or if you find it in damaged condition, then you must replace it. If you have driven your car in the dusty environment, then chances are that the dust would have accumulated on the air filter, and it could affect the efficiency of the engine.
  • Check the wheel alignment: The proper wheel alignment will ensure the fact that your car is handled as it should. If you notice that your car is running to the sides when you are driving in a straight line, then you need to contact the mechanic so as to check the wheel alignment. If you have built your own garage using metal building kits, then it’s your duty to keep a check on the wheel alignment of your vehicle.
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Hope, you will Carry Out these vehicle maintenances on your driveway.


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