6 Uncommon Questions to Ask a Caterer Before Hiring One

6 Uncommon Questions to Ask a Caterer Before Hiring One

With so many catering services round the corner, it might not be easy for one to pick the right company that fits their needs. A good catering Rhodes company not just ensures that the food they serve is delicious, but also commit to delivering quality service that exceeds the expectations of their clients. To find the right catering company for your event, be sure to ask these 6 questions before deciding to hire them.

Do you Offer Flexible Menu?

Several catering companies can provide readymade menu packages that comes with a specific set of dishes. Good catering companies understand that the requirement of various clients can differ.

They will work with you to understand what you exactly require and create a customised menu accordingly. Therefore, be sure to ask if they’d customise their menu, or do they only allow you to pick from what is being already offered.

Do you have Sufficient Experience?

Another important question to ask a catering service is if they have enough experience in catering various events. Experienced catering Rhodes staff will know what it takes to make their service successful and what mistakes should be dodged to prevent unpleasant experiences. They will know how much quantity of food is required, and when it must be served to ensure it tastes delicious.

What Does the Cost Include?

A professional catering Norwest service will have a transparent pricing policy that reveals everything included in the cost. This might include taxes, drinks, service fees, tables, bartenders, trash cans, linens, and more. Knowing what they offer will let you analyse if you require anything else that incur additional expenses for you.

Do you Cater to Specific Dietary Requirements?

A good catering company will cater to certain dietary requirements. Some guests would only want gluten-free diet, while others opt for vegetarian foods. Talk to your guests beforehand to know if they have such preferences, and don’t hesitate to ask the company if they will accommodate such requests.

What is your Staff’s Dress Code?

The dress code obviously depends on the type of event you are hosting. No matter what, be sure that the catering staff is dressed neatly and professionally.

What Time do you Arrive for Setting Up?

Caterers arriving at the last minute and making quick arrangements would be the most unpleasant thing to watch. Not to mention your guests will be distracted and disturbed by it. Therefore, make sure that they arrive well ahead of time and make all the arrangements, so that everything is set up and ready to go as your guests attend the event.

These are the 6 important questions you should ask a catering service to know if they will offer a satisfactory service at a reasonable price. Having a qualified catering Seven Hills service that adapts to your needs can make a world of difference!

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