5 Top Strategies To Stand Out Using Instagram Stories

Instagram story is an essential part that should be included in your online marketing strategy. For business and brand, it is essential to reach their target audience. Brand awareness can be promoted to a broader audience simultaneously via Instagram stories. However, the Instagram story is crucial in helping to drive traffic and sales. This article is an enlightenment for all Instagram users to boost their engagement and reach. You can perform well on the Instagram algorithm by the following five powerful tricks to use Instagram stories.


1. Use Instagram Story Features:

The Instagram algorithm determines the amount of time spent by the user to calculate your story’s popularity. Making your audience spend more time on your post is an essential factor. You can add a variety of Instagram story features to your posts. Engage your audience with GIFs, stickers, hashtags, and locations as often as possible. The new ‘Type’ mode on Instagram stories is a unique way to share your ideas through text styles and creative backgrounds. This feature is a great way to add whatever you want to share with your audience.  


2. Interact With Your Audience:

The Instagram algorithm takes into account all the interactions your stories receive from the user. Instagram has a great feature known for story polls and question stickers where you can directly interact with your audience. Using this feature, you can ask them questions in a fun and interactive way. You can collect your customer feedback and their ideas for your future products and business plan. Build a more profound relationship by simply entertaining your audience using polls and question stickers. You will probably rank higher in the Instagram algorithm to improve the chances of displaying your stories. 

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3. Add links to Your Instagram Stories:

   An additional feature on Instagram gave the ability to add links to the Instagram stories. Instagram users with business profiles having 10K+ followers can make use of this big deal. Story views from your potential followers are essential for your business. But you can also obtain Instagram story views to reach a wider audience. Include the ‘swipe-up’ option in your Instagram stories to add links other than in bio. Improve engagement and drive traffic to your website, blog posts, product pages, web campaigns, and more. This strategy will significantly help the Instagram algorithm reward you.


4. Maintain a Cohesive Brand Aesthetic:

On Instagram, stories are also crucial as feeds. So, maintaining your brand aesthetic on your Instagram story is also important as similar to feeds. Your users and customers should identify your brand without searching for your name. Instagram stories, luckily, provide you with a ton of different features. You can build a uniform brand aesthetic using different fonts, brush options, and fun stickers. They are readily available for your Instagram stories. You can customize the color from the palette as relevant to your brand requirements.  


5. Track Your Success with Instagram Analytics:

Instagram Business profiles have a significant advantage in viewing Instagram story analytics. They can monitor the Insights for their Instagram stories. They can have access to reach, impressions, analyze who is sticking around or swiping away, and other metrics. You can tune up your Instagram strategy by tracking these metrics. It helps you to understand which works better for your Instagram story content strategy. 

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Instagram stories are the best choice to outsmart the Instagram algorithm. Make fair use of this great opportunity in creating a deep relationship and interaction with your audience. You can ultimately optimize the Instagram story strategy by testing all the latest features of Instagram. Relevant, high-quality content engaging your audience will make you stand out from your competition. 

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