5 Things To Do In Curacao

The island is surrounded by pristine white beaches and blue waters and enjoys a lovely tropical climate throughout the year. If you are in planning to visit the island and are wondering what to do in Curacao, here’s what we suggest:

Scuba Diving: If you’re looking to learn scuba diving, then Curacao is the perfect place to try. Unlike other places where you have to dive from a boat, in Curacao, you can dive from the shore. As Dave Dunlop from The Maritime Explorer says, shore diving is ideal for people with sinus issues because you don’t have to go all the way down.

Snorkeling: Snorkeling is another great activity that you can enjoy in Curacao. Some of the beaches that are perfect for snorkeling include Playa Piskado, Kenepa Chiki, and Tugboat beach. Of the three, Tugboat is the most popular spots for snorkeling and scuba diving. Kenepa Chiki not only has abundant water life, but the entrance is also sandy and hence easy to get into the water – a perfect place to introduce kids to snorkeling.

Hiking: The Christoffel National Park is the largest park in Curacao and was formed by merging three old plantations. The hike to the summit takes around 3 hours, and the view from the top is certainly beautiful. This is the highest point on the island. There’s plenty of flora and fauna for you to look at, including some wonderful wild orchid varieties, the native barn owl, and the local white-tailed deer. But if you’re looking to hike all the way to the top, remember to start at around 11 am because it could get very hot in the afternoon.

Eat: For those who love to explore different cuisines and are wondering what to do in Curacao, you must sample some of the local cuisines. From Creole and Dutch to Indonesian, there are many influences that have affected Curacao’s diverse cuisine. If you’re in Curacao, you must try the Keshi yena or cheese stuffed with spiced meat, pickled onions, prunes, and capers. Sweetened lime juice is the go-to drink for the locals. If you’re in the mood for some curry, visit Plasa Bieu or the Old Market for some curried chicken and roti. For some Dutch treats like stroopwafel and batidos, try some of the food served on the food trucks in and around Willemstad.

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