5 Fascinating Destinations in Rainless Arizona

The first thing that comes to mind when discussing Arizona is the Grand Canyon. Indeed, that is the popular destination in the Copper State. But we wanted to give you a few more ideas about where you can go and do some new activities. But, of course, you need your car in the first place. Although the transport network is extensive in these barren lands, it won’t be easy to maintain some locations for the big team. So instead, come to 12 passenger van rental in Phoenix for a reasonable price. So make your holidays bright and joyful!

The Coconino National Forest 

Where to see famous indigenous Red Rocks, forests of mighty pines, and alpine tundra? First, come to see the Coconino National Forest, which mixes diverse country landscapes and zones. Then, after visiting car rental companies at Phoenix Airport, navigate by I-17N and stop in Camp Verde, a premier tourist destination. The road will approximately take an hour. 


Go to Fossil Creek Wilderness to see many birds. The land embraces about eleven thousand acres and represents the unique Earth ecosystems. Besides, there are many campgrounds where you can park your RV or van and rent a cabin. If you are lucky, you will see coyotes, deers, raccoons, foxes, and even mountain lions. 


However, do not forget about your safety. The US Forest Service often closes the park to visitors. The reason is extremely high temperatures which are a fire hazard here. However, the runners reopen it, so you should pay attention to the entrance hours and seasonal closes before you go. 


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As long as you land in the capital of Arizona, it will be a great choice to explore it well. It attracts sun-seekers during the winter months. Thus, we get heavy traffic. However, the number of van rentals is also sufficient for getting wheels and driving across the city. 

The area of Greater Phoenix combines modern high-rise buildings with Indian and Spanish colonial buildings. Coming to Heritage Square, you will see the restored houses from the late 18th and 19th centuries. 


For sports buffs, there are numerous golf courses. And nature lovers will admire the possibility of hiking, climbing, and biking in the neighboring mountains. Finally, for educational purposes, go to Phoenix Art Museum. You will see contemporary pieces, fashion design, and live performances. Besides, the 1990s building that hosts the exhibitions is a piece of art!


One hundred twelve miles from the capital, there is the “The Old Pueblo.” Tucson is designated a “City of Gastronomy” by UNESCO. As well, Golden Age Hollywood directors filmed many classic Westerns there. 


The engaging activity you can do here is to arrange everything and go out for stargazing. Due to the low population density and unique local climate, skies are clear year-round. So you can look at the sky full of stars with the naked eye. You can take a 12-seater vehicle in rental and come to the specialized campgrounds. 


Also, if you are a fan of hiking, Tucson is a place with great mountain trails. Find Mt. Lemmon, the highest peak of the Santa Catalina mountain range. To see all the attractions, you can rent a car one way. You will like it!

Beach in Yuma

Yes! Even if you have barren lands around you, unknown oases exist. Go to the Centennial Beach Yuma (I-8 W, about 3 hours) on the border with Mexico. It is turned into a beautiful beach with the help of sand taken from the Colorado River. It is hardworking of local people that made the place outstanding for many tourists around the country. When hot summer begins, all want to refresh without taking long rides to the ocean. While in the area, explore the West Wetlands Park (282 N. 12th Avenue), spanning a massive area of 110 acres. There is a boat launch and boat trailer parking area.


Sedona is the heart of Arizona, with a picturesque canyon and coniferous forests. Take I-17 N and drive about 120 miles north. You will find beautiful sights, many art galleries, and New Age art decorations. Go hiking and jeep trips, and see the Bell Rock and the unique architecture of the Chapel of the Holy Cross. You will like the modern town created with respect for the environment. You may rent a place in the local campgrounds. Ensure to do it ahead of your trip. Alternatively, you can live within a city.


We wanted to inspire you to know Arizona. Good luck on the trip!


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