5 Easy Steps to Buy the Right Press Brake Tooling

press brake tooling

Do you want to be one of the most preferred press brake dies manufactures? Of course, you will love it for your business.

You can achieve this when you will have the right press brake dies and other requisite tools and equipment at your production floor. Here are a few practical ways to shop the right press brake tools and equipment:

Know what you exactly need

Your needs are different and depend on what you do. If you are running a maintenance shop, you need several different press brake tools. However, you need a lower number of press brake tools if you are a custom fabricator. In your purchase of press brake tools, you should focus on what parts you manufacture if you are a fabricator. Suppose that you are a lean manufacturer. You need to accept the fact that you must have a separate tool library for every press brake. Avoid losing your valuable time and set up the right tools at your production floor.

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Find out the best machine to handle your tonnage

Knowing the tonnage is an essential step for you when you are buying a new press brake tool for your manufacturing plant. The tonnage is a type of bending force. You need more tonnage when you have to bend a thicker material, and your tonnage requirement is lower if you have to bend softer materials, such as aluminum. For the right calculation of the tonnage, you should consider the length and width of the die opening, apart from the material thickness/softness. In brief, you should have the tool for each material type for better business expansion.

Enquire about deflection

In your press brake tool purchase, you must consider the deflection amount that may take place in a specific tool/machine. Normal deflection relates to the bending of the press brake bed and ram that happen under a load. According to the set industry standards, the acceptable material stress is 8.5 kg/mm2. By following these stringent standards, you will have a reduced deflection and improved frame lifespan, even after a heavy use for a prolonged time.

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Know the bend radius

You are going to be the right press brake die manufacturer if you can estimate outside setbacks, bend allowances, and bend deductions accurately. To attain this, you need to think about each factor, including the bend radius. The smaller inside bend radius means you will have more flexibility over the material. Keep in mind that this inside bend radius relates to the bending method on a press brake tool. You can easily increase your production manufacturing and decrease the number of mistakes if you are capable of determining the précised bend deduction for a specific radius. And you have to do it while purchasing a press brake tool for you.

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Don’t ignore tool specifications

You need to be more careful in your purchase for the right press brake tool. Without knowing the specifications of a press brake tool, you shouldn’t take a step forward in your tool shopping. Pay attention to every detail to ensure that you are going to have the right press brake tools for your production floor.


Having the right press brake tools is crucial for a press brake dies manufacturer. You can buy the right one when you have a clear idea about your exact requirement, tonnage, deflection, bend radius, and tool specifications. Value each aspect in your tool purchase.