5 benefits of having a Polish passport

Polish passport

Do you know how powerful a Polish passport is? As an international traveling document it opens up access to the job market, studies at public universities, and also residence. Once you become a fully-fledged citizen of Poland, you get rights and duties associated with it such as the right to start a new life with your immediate family within the European Union. The list of the main advantages of having a Polish passport is way longer though. That’s what we would like to focus on in today’s article. Check why it is worth it to apply for a passport in Poland!

Who can apply for a Polish passport?

Before we start our quick summary of the main benefits of having a passport in Poland, we would like to mention one special aspect. Who can apply for a Polish passport? According to legal regulations, the opportunity to get an international traveling document is available to the fully-fledged citizens of Poland and also the individual who is of Polish origin but still does not have his citizenship confirmed. In such cases, a foreigner must fulfill several requirements to prove his ancestry and based on that take part in the process of Polish citizenship confirmation. It also applies to the foreigners who do not have Polish roots but instead have strong connections with Poland and its nation. An individual may then apply for citizenship by naturalization. 

Simply speaking, to get a Polish passport, you must become a citizen of Poland. Once you acquire citizenship, there is nothing more left to do but lodge a motion at the nearest Polish Consulate General. Polish passport application must include documentation indicated in the law. Since the passport is biometric, you need to appear in person and leave your fingerprints. Find more on Five to Europe – https://fivetoeurope.com/faqs/

The Polish passport is one of the most powerful international documents

To become a Polish citizen means you also become a European Union citizen. Seems fantastic, doesn’t it? Let us ask you one more question! Do you know how powerful a passport is? The document has ranked high in the top 10 international travel documents according to the Henley Passport Index which means it gives an opportunity to travel all around the world. While the first-ranked Japanese passport gives visa-free access to 193 countries, the Polish passport allows analogous travel to 182! 

If it comes to traveling around Europe, you need a valid ID. As a fully-fledged citizen, you can travel freely! There are no border controls or special gates for EU citizens which means no more queues at the airport.

Live, work and study freely within Europe

As we mentioned above, the Polish passport allows you to travel around European Union countries and not only. The international traveling document may also serve as proof of your identity and, as a result, your Polish citizenship. Are there any other advantages of a Polish passport? Of course, here they are!

With a Polish passport, you obtain an opportunity to live in Europe without any visa restrictions or limits. What’s interesting, your spouse and children also get the right to live in Europe. Your immediate family is treated as a family member of a fully-fledged citizen of Poland. Even though they do not hold Polish citizenship, similar rights and duties extend to them.

Wanna work in Italy or Sweden? That’s not a problem! With a valid passport, you may easily find a job that matches the qualifications and work experience you already have. It is also worth mentioning that you can start a business. As a Polish citizen, you get a chance to apply for a grant and develop your new company.

A Polish passport also allows you to study at many public universities. In some cases, it is required to pay a fee but, in general, studies for Polish citizens are free of charge.

The last but not least advantage of dual citizenship is the fact you can use the international traveling document you find more convenient while entering countries. What does it mean? If a Polish passport makes the whole process less complicated in particular situations, feel free to use it. If not, choose the passport of the country of your birth.

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