5 Advantages of Using Address Stamps You Should Know


Custom Address Stamps are a useful stationery item for almost each business, dealing with lots of mails (postal mails). Apart from branding a business, this tamping tool can be used for personal life purposes as per their custom designing. Here are some benefits that you can have from using your custom address stamp:

1. No lost of mails in delivery/return

When you send a package or courier to a person, you have to mention the addresses of both persons – the receiver and the sender (you). Writing addresses on both sides (To and From) is done manually. Your handwriting can be difficult for a delivery executive to read the address to whom it should be delivered or to whom it needs to be returned. As a result, your sent parcel is in the mid way.

On the other hand, addresses imprinted with a custom address stamp are clear and so, anyone can read both addresses (sender and receiver) easily. If the receiver is not present at the mentioned address, you can get the same as it returns to you.

2. Convenient

Using a custom address stamp is more convenient for you. Suppose that you have to send 1000 packages to your business associates. Think of the manual address writing job on all of those packages. You or your assigned staff will find the manual address writing job a tiring one. With custom address stamps, you can easily leave the impressions of the addresses on the return side (From). You will only have to write a few. If the receivers are the people whom you regularly send mails, you can get address stamps for particular receivers too.

3. Time and effort saving

Usually, writing a complete address with hands takes 1-2 minutes. Suppose that you have to write the return address on more than 100 envelopes. You will take around 90-120 minutes. Besides, your hands and fingers will get tensed with such a tiring job. On the other hand, by using custom address stamps, you can carry out that job within half an hour. With this, you will save around more than one hour that you could use in another business operational work.

4. Professional

Using a custom address stamp means you are a professional. The addresses you mention using a custom address stamp are the first thing your customers come across after receiving your packages by courier or post. As the address stamps leave clear impressions of addresses on both sides, so the addresses are more professional in looking for them.

5. Highly customizable

Address stamps are highly customizable. You can get the one as per your choice of writing style and design. On your wish, you can expect having the one, just as your hand writing with more clarity. The stamp maker is highly skilled to customize address stamps to cater to all your needs.


Address Stamps are a useful stamping tool. Besides branding your business, they are convenient, ease your writing, save your time & effort and show professionalism to your clients. These stamps are highly customizable. With custom address stamps, you will have no more lost mails.

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