3 Reasons For Kale In Your Diet


Kale: just another one of those green leafy garden weed type of veggies that along with spinach, was something i’d be fighting AGAINST eating as a kid…it turns out that my ol’ gran was right about this nutrient dense veg’, as i have since found out…there are definitely natural benefits to be had if you were to include Kale as a regular part of your diet and natural health regime…

Reason No.1…An Antioxidant…

• Kale contains Carotenoids and Flavenoids – essentials for helping the battle against cancer and many other ailments.

• It also contains Phytonutrients to help improve your hearing as well as your eyesight.

• For the health of your liver, it’s also Sulfur rich…a great thing for detoxing the body of any undesirable chemical.

• A large handful on a regular basis will help strengthen your immune system or kick it into a higher gear if it gets a little low.

• It’s great mixed into your salads as well as cooked – it can be cooked just like any other green…steamed, sautéd or even blended with other veggies and fruits into drinks for energy and vitality…good brain food..!

Reason No.2…An Anti-inflammatory…

• Serious studies of the effects of consuming Kale have proved that when consumed regularly – a handful per day, it helps stave off diseases that effect the autoimmune system and helps ease joint pains caused by the likes of Arthritis.

• It eases the effects of asthma and allergy related issues.

Reason No.3…Weight Loss Friendly…

• Kale is pretty high in fibre content, so will ensure you stay fuller longer.

• It will optimise your digestion so you metabolise the important nutrients a whole lot better.

• It’s low in Calories and has zero fat content.

• These are definite contributors to healthy and natural weight loss.


There’s a whole lot more positives could be said about Kale, but In essence, it’s a ‘nutrient-rich’ natural “Superfood” that’ll help you to quickly and easily shed weight, fight off disease and pain, boost your vitality, improve your mood and just generally make you feel good..! If it’s available to you, be sure to include a small portion of it into your diet 3 – 5 times per week and you’ll be sure to improve and maintain your natural good health.


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