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Starving artists seeking the highest quality supplies for his or her meager dollars need simply visit Art Supply Central’s listings on both sides of the Atlantic, and now One of the top ten biggest sellers from the artist supplies category is a top-notch fourteen piece artist brush set. This beautiful, useful set consists of seven natural bristle brushes and six synthetic brushes within a stylish, sturdy case. These artists brushes are handmade and guaranteed to never shed bristles. These professional quality brushes are sturdily developed to withstand many years of use with health care. The brushes are guaranteed for a twelve month, and Art Supply Central features a hassle-free return policy.

What’s inside the set?

This set contains thirteen an awesome experience artist’s watercolor brushes in filbert, fan, round and flat styles. The bristles are as soft as sable and intensely durable. Reviewers praise the comfortable hand feel supplied by the sleek, long and chic natural beech wood handles. The bristles are firmly secured in flawlessly fitted aluminum Ferrules to completely eliminate the problem of shedding bristles.

Handles are color coded to make brush selection easy and quick. Brushes designed for use with synthetic media like acrylic paints and watercolors have stained brown beech wood handles. Brushes that are equipped for use with oil paints have natural beech wood finished handles.

Gorgeous practical presentation makes this set ideal for gift-giving and every day use!

This complete brush collection is a superb core kit for an aspiring artist. The attractive presentation makes this set perfect gift for almost any artist. The whole set is attractively presented within a sturdy, well-built black wallet style case. This attractive case is ingeniously fashioned with two strong metal snaps to keep brushes available while allowing easy access. It’s the ideal accessory for travel or studio use.

The brushes are arranged neatly as outlined by their decoration into two sets, natural and artificial. Brushes are securely packaged and punctiliously protected with each and every brush individually wrapped.

Tremendous value just got better!

This fine artist brush set has already been value priced however, for a very limited time it is usually had for 50% off at Additionally, Art Supply Central is together with a valuable bonus. While supplies last, a good artist detail brush will be contributed to each kit completely free of charge as an easy way of claiming just purchase. This is the time to have ready top quality artist brushes. What better way for artists and art students to make this year their most creative year yet?

To know more about Art Supply Central, visit this website, look for Emma Penrose or send them a message at [email protected]

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