12 Major Benefits of Studying MBBS in Russia

MBBS in Russia
  1. Comprehensive Education

Russia is constantly known for training doctors and specialists in the natural sciences. Russian medical universities are constantly verifying their position among the top medical universities. Russia is part of the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), which makes the various Schools and Universities of the rest of Europe excellently accessible to the graduates of all the Schools and Universities of the Russian Federation.

  1. Excellent Educational Standards

Russian medical universities have an incredible framework, laboratories, a large number of hospitals and clinics connected to them in the city, and cooperation with other medical institutions of the nation as well as through other Asian and European countries. Thus, making MBBS in Russia is standard with global benchmarks.

  1. Low Tuition Fee

The most important part of Russian medical universities is government universities, where the cost of education is funded by the government, which makes tuition mainly low compared to different countries. This makes the study of MBBS in Russia really affordable along with the excellent quality of education.

  1. An Opportunity to Learn the Russian Language and Dialect

Learning another dialect open new door and new ways in which a person interacts and thinks about new topics, it has been proven that a person who communicates in more than one language is smarter than his peers. In this way, moving to another country and getting in touch with the locals will help students learn the local dialect and develop. Medical Universities of Russia offer additional specialized language courses to interested students who wish to consider language as a different subject.

  1. The Medium of Instruction in English
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Having the option of familiarizing yourself with another dialect is an advantage. However, MBBS in Russia is taught in English for Indian students.

  1. Well-Equipped Dormitories and Campuses

Ulyanovsk State Medical University (USMU) has hospitals and clinics linked to it along with different offices spread across the city. Each of the offices is well equipped with all the vital instruments and appliances. The dormitories are also well equipped with all the necessary facilities, for example, 24 hours 7 days a week with hot and cold water.

  1. Easy Adaption for International Students

As there are many international students at the Ulyanovsk State Medical University (USMU) from different nations seeking different courses in pharmacy, dentistry as well as MBBS from Russia, it is essential for new students to adapt and adapt to a new culture and place with the help of a caring and friendly of this University staff members.

  1. Exposure to New Culture

Russia and India have constantly had an excellent relationship. The 2 nations have constantly understood each other’s culture with incredible energy. So, pursuing MBBS in Russia will provide students an experience to another and welcoming community, which will comfort them grow overall.

  1. Opportunity to Obtain Dual-Diploma

In 2003, Russia signed the Bologna Declaration, accepting certain commitments as an important aspect of the production of a common educational space in the Member States. Diplomas from Russian universities are recognized in many nations. This strategy is encouraged by Russia’s intergovernmental agreements with more than 60 nations, including Spain, Finland, Cuba, Vietnam, India, Venezuela, China, and Namibia, and in the month of June in the year 2015 this additional record with France, in the month of October and month of November in the year 2016 with Cyprus and Malta, in the month of May and month of October in the year 2019 with Uzbekistan and Cambodia. In addition, most of the Russian medical universities run joint courses with universities of abroad and award twice diplomas to their graduates. In other words, by pursuing MBBS in Russia, you can obtain a diploma and recognition from Europe.

  1. Sports
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Russian universities provide sports facilities for medical students on campus as well as on the hostel campus. Students constantly have the opportunity to participate in sports activities. Students taking the MBBS in Russia still have the opportunity to play internationally or nationally on behalf of the universities.

  1. Different Climate Zones

Russia is a huge nation where you can choose a course of study or university, even your favorite climate – from a moderate continental atmosphere in the European part of the nation to the subtropical coast of the Black Sea in the southern Crimea and Caucasus.

  1. Exciting and New Life

Student life is the time in a person’s life during which one grows at the most extreme pace, either in a physical sense or in a logical sense. Studying from a foreign university in a foreign nation gives students many opportunities to meet new people, make new friends and grow as an individual, developing ethnic and social skills far away from their peers in their homeland! In this way, it provides educational opportunities as well as spiritual opportunities as well.

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