10 Creative Writing Tips for Beginner Bloggers

10 Creative Writing Tips for Beginner Bloggers

Of course, there are some grammar and spelling rules that you need to follow unless you are planning to become famous because of your illiteracy, but when we are talking about the idea generation and creativity, no rules are applied. Modern writing is more than just creating love novels that end with characters living happily ever after.

Today, you can easily kill the main character just in the first chapters of your book, you can totally ignore to love story in your novel, and you can even never write novels or stories but remain to be a writer. The world is open to experiments, and you should never lose a chance to use your creativity in writing and hone your writing skills.

In this article, we are going to cover 10 tips that will help you make your writing more creative and will help you become one of those writers who enjoy what they do.

10 Creative Writing Tips for Beginner Bloggers

Always note what people around you are talking about

If you frequently have the problem of losing your creative inspiration, you need to know the best ways of how to restore it. We have noticed that many writers admit that listening to other people works perfectly for them. The fact of the matter is that people’s behavior is full of unexpected moments and if you know how to notice them, you’ll discover ways to integrate some of the funny things people say and do into your writing and storytelling. Of course, it is better to note what people are talking about as you may just forget the exact phrase and later blame yourself for that.

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Write for free, write for yourself

If you do not have clients, that does not mean that you should forget about writing. The writing process needs to be nurtured, and if you want to stay creative, you need to write all the time. Thus, you will turn writing into a habit, and you will never feel that you have no strength to write something. Besides, on-going writing will help you to determine your own writing style and find the way how to handle challenges that appear when you don’t know how to express certain ideas.

10 Creative Writing Tips for Beginner Bloggers

Use mind maps

Hone Your Writing Skills 10 Tips for Creative WritingIf you want to keep all your ideas in a place where you will be able to build relationships and connect the dots between the ideas and concepts you have, you need to utilize a map minding software on your computer and mobile phone. It’s better to choose some app that will synchronize for several devices, as you should always be able to add the hottest ideas or to check what ideas you’ve added yesterday.

Play with rhymes

One of the most effective ways to keep creative with writing is never to stop improvising and trying out new writing techniques. Perhaps, one of the best of them is playing with rhymes. You may just start to write verses or you may try to find the rhymes to the words and word combinations that you’ve written to your novel or story. It would be more fun not to take this seriously and try to make some really funny rhymes.

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Write as long as possible

If you have ever thought that a good writing is a short writing, we bet that to write in long sentences and long paragraphs will be a real challenge for you. However, this challenge will help you to reveal some of your hidden talents and maybe even to unleash your new potential for writing long form content.

10 Creative Writing Tips for Beginner Bloggers

Write as short as possible

It does not matter what length of articles or blog posts you have always preferred, you just need to give short writing a try. Make your story as short as possible, reducing the number of sentences, and later even reducing the number of words. Maybe, you will be able to write a story just in 6 words as some of the famous writers have already done?

Add more details

To become more creative with your writing, you need to know the power of details. When you are creating some content, just add as many details as possible and later choose the ones that seem the strongest to you. Perhaps, you will notice that your original ideas have nothing to do with strengthening your writing and you should have chosen something else, something, that you’ve added to your details list.

Ask people for advice

If you have no idea how you would behave in a certain situation, stop wasting your time — ask people to help you with that. They will definitely share their own experience with you, and you will be able to use truthful facts in your writing. Moreover, their words may give you some inspiration to modify your article in a different way to make it more realistic and interesting.

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10 Creative Writing Tips for Beginner Bloggers

Grow your competence

To never lose your creativity, you need to know where to find the inspiration and ideas for writing. The more you know, the bigger field for searching those ideas you have. Thus, you need to grow your competence and expertise in different fields to be able to use your knowledge in idea generation and therefore introducing them to the your written words.

Don’t be too critical of yourself

Creativity comes together with being critical of yourself. You should always understand when your creativity leads you too far and when the creativity is not enough to create a strong story. Thus, use your inner critic to make the proper decision and to give yourself proper assessment of the job done. However, don’t take this too far. Remember that you need to experiment from time to time and see how it goes!

I hope that you loved these 10 tips for creative writing that will help you hone your writing skill. Do not forget to use them and practice to check how they work for you and to see how they bring you closer to your dream of becoming a world-famous writer.

10 Creative Writing Tips for Beginner Bloggers

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