✅ Why Choose Godrej Greens Property in Undri, Pune


Undri is one of the most advanced prime locations in Pune city. The Godrej Greens is located at a green location in Undri, Pune with access to city hubs.

When it comes to comfortable living, the Godrej Greens is an ideal location to pace up your life in Pune.

Live the landmark at the Godrej Greens Property

The Godrej Greens property has many facilities with features such as:

  • Fulfil your Wish of Living at the Godrej Greens
  • If you have the required home loan eligibility, you can easily grab a home loan in Pune and move into a comfortable home at the Godrej Greens in Undri
    . Availing a home loan in Pune can help you borrow as higher as up to Rs.3 crore at lower rates.

Other than availing a higher loan amount at a lower home loan interest rate, you can also pocket some amazing and industry-first benefits such as:

  • – Flexi Loan Facility – The flexi loan facility helps you pay only the interest on a utilized amount out of your total loan limit and save up to 45% on EMI payment. You can settle rest of the amount at the end of the home loan tenor.
  • – Balance Transfer Feature – Are you an existing loan customer paying a higher home loan rate? You can avail of the home loan balance transfer facility and switch the loan account from your existing lender to another with a lower rate.
  • – Top-up Loan – Along with the home loan and home loan balance transfer facility, you can borrow up to Rs.1.5 crore with an extended tenor and at a lower rate. You can use the top-up loan funds to cover your other needs in life that demand money.
  • – Prepayments and Foreclosure – You can also make some prepayments from the yearly bonus that you get and also foreclose the account before the tenor. Nowadays, a majority of the online lenders and other prominent home loan creditors don’t charge a penalty for lapping up the discussed features.
  • – Online Account Management – The online account management facility of the online lenders let you access loan information online and keep a 24/7 tracking.
  • The Bottom Line

Be it the Godrej Greens or any other prime located property in Pune or beyond, you can always make the most of the home loan facility and enjoy many benefits.

You can go to third party websites and compare all housing finance options that suits your needs and budget.

Nothing is beyond your reach, go ahead and check your home loan eligibility right away and get started! Happy home loans in Pune!




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