✅ Tips for Enabling Data Roaming On Your iPhone

Enabling data roaming on your iPhone could be very confusing if you don’t really know the actual way of performing that. And in this article, I will basically discuss this matter. Therefore, to know more in details please continue reading this article.

However, before moving onto the main steps, let me provide you with a pretty short summary which will, later on, help you understand how you should move on in order to enable data roaming on your iPhone. First of all, the thing that you will have to perform is to open the settings section of your iPhone because all the things can be found here. So once you open the settings, now it’s the most perfect time to tap mobile data or cellular which you will get in the very first group of the available options. Now as soon as you tap such, now it’s time to tap either mobile data options or cellular data options. It actually depends on your phone settings. Different phones have different types of settings. So might be for your phone, it’s like cellular data options or for others it’s like mobile data options. Now find the option roaming and tap on it. Alternatively, you can move onto the following step in case you are using AT&T. Now lastly, try sliding the button “Data Roaming” right to the position and it should be turned green.

So basically these are few of the simple steps that you should need to perform in order to enable the data roaming on the iPhone you have right now.

  • At first, visit the setting of your iPhone. I believe you know the appropriate way of doing that. But those who are the new user of iPhone, they can tap the grey cog icon. This icon can be found in two places. It should be either on your Home Screen or inside a folder which is also known as Utilities. Hope this is clear.
  • Now tap Cellular that can be found below Bluetooth. In case your phone is using British English, then you will find this option as Mobile Data.
  • Now find the data options by taping best SIM only plans
    . If your phone is using British English, then you should find it as Mobile Data Options.
  • Hit on Roaming. In case you are using the AT&T, you can avoid this step.
  • Lastly, do sliding the Data Roaming button right. It should then turn into green instantly which simplifies that the data roaming is not fully active.

So this is how to activate international data roaming to your phone If you are still having some issue, then try to watch some tutorials on YouTube which will let you know about the right ways to activating the thing. You can also seek help from somebody who knows pretty well about all those staffs and this is how the things should be done. So that is all for today and many thanks for reading this article.



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