✅ Thirteen factors for a successful overseas career

What leads to a successful overseas career? This question has tormented individuals for decades. It is often stated that to develop oneself professionally, finding a job that matches one’s interests is not enough. Due to the dynamic nature of jobs, it is of utmost importance to actively develop one’s career.

In line with this, the focus in career counselling has changed drastically. Now the focus is more on restraining individual professional challenges through the development of their employability and adaptability.

According to The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), there aren’t enough comprehensive test instruments. They can help identify trainable factors in people.

LSE has undertaken a study to identify the central factors scientifically supported to be important for career success. It will help them create a diagnostic tool to assess these factors as well. They have identified 13 factors that represent different resource areas.

Three resources fall into the area of “knowledge and competencies”.

  • Occupational expertise
  • Job market knowledge
  • Soft skills

Three resources come under the area of “motivation”.

  • Involvement
  • Confidence
  • Clarity

Four resources are included in “environment”.

  • Career opportunities
  • Organizational support
  • Job challenge
  • Social support

Additionally, three specific behaviors fall into an area called “activities”.

  • Networking
  • Career exploration
  • Continuous learning

The created measure focuses on malleable factors in people. The research team has generated 200 items matching these 13 factors. They evaluated the items through a multi-step process and tested a final selection of questions on people. This resulted in a questionnaire that assesses the career resources of employees and students: the career resources questionnaire (CRQ). The career resources questionnaire consists of 41 questions and is available in English and German.

Research with the CRQ showed that for job satisfaction and promotions, “environmental resources” and “motivation” areas play a central role. On the other hand, for salary, the areas of “motivation” and “competencies” have the highest impact.

The CRQ can also be implemented in overseas Career Counselling and coaching, as well as for individual self-assessment. It can evaluate needs and areas for further development in one’s career, as quoted by the LSE AC UK.

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