✅ Finding Love to Restructure Life

Born in small town of Jabalpur a city of Madhya Pradesh in India, Moh Lal Rai recounts her childhood in her book A Passionaate Gospel of True Love. This is an engaging story of arduous and difficult life of a young growing girl in conservative Punjabi home. The struggle takes shape every moment of her life from a hapless young girl in a patriarchal society to a fashion designer of repute.

There is one chapter that portrays Moh as an unhappy soul whence she gets betrothed in an arranged manner – typical to Indian society. Suppressed upbringing is the reason behind the meek acceptance of a relationship that was bound to sour and trouble her for the rest of her life.

From youth to a mature woman, the story unfolds with candor to divulge the angst of Moh’s bold romance. The account of a true love intertwined in agony of passion and desire are engaging.

The book, A Passionaate Gospel of True Love excels in narration of an esoteric kind and offers readers a candid account of feelings of Moh and Guarang totally devoid of guilt. They are in love of the passionate kind and are making efforts to restructure their broken lives into that of hope and happiness. The outcome of the story is not that of a typical romance saga, it is steeped deep in esoteric understanding of human logic and acceptance of bare truth wherein lies hope.

Indian Author Poonaam Uppal has transcended Moh’s life in the book from fashion designer to divinity with effortless ease. The popular romantic book is a passionate and candid account of life in India. With her extreme devotion Poonaam Uppal author has become a divine incarnate of Goddess Durga.

The novel has been penned down with amazing clarity and candor. The narration is nontraditional account of love life in a traditional setting. If you are seeking unconventional latest romantic book then read this one. A Passionaate Gospel of True Love is really engaging and spellbinding. She is engaged in future publications of mystical accounts of her divine revelations.



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