✅ Dry Blasting vs. Dustless Blasting

There are two major options available to homeowners, business owners, organizations and major companies that require walls, surfaces or equipment cleaning. When it comes to intensive cleaning in quick time, dry blasting and dustless blasting are the two most productive options.

Dry Blasting

Dry blasting, or sandblasting, has existed for many years. It is a popular method of getting stains, marks and other items off equipment, walls and surfaces. Businesses will ask for blasting of walls, floors and other areas that are worn down.

The issue with sandblasting is that it blasts the sand right at the surface at high pressure. While it does mean that contaminants will come off the surface, it also means those contaminants and the sand go everywhere.

Sandblasting will get the job done, but it is not a very clean process. And it is certainly not the most efficient option for surface preparation in Melbourne. Many business owners find that after sandblasting, they need to keep the area closed off for a couple days. Only then is it okay for workers to go in there and complete other tasks.

Dustless Blasting

There is a new method that has gained popularity in the past few years. It is called dustless blasting and it is a type of wet blasting. Those who want dustless blasting in Melbourne will be happy to know that services are available from some top providers.

The concept of wet blasting is that you are taking liquid and an abrasive, mixing them together and then unleashing them on the surface at a high pressure. The most common method is to use water and some type of abrasive, such as recycled glass.

When you are using dustless blasting, you are not going to see that much of a mess. Think about what happens when you are dusting a room with a wet towel, compared to a dry cloth.

If the surface that is cleaning is wet, the dust is going to cling onto the cloth. While some dust does go off the surface, it is minimal. Compare that to dusting any object with a dry cloth, where you are putting 80 to 90 percent of the dust into the air and eventually the ground!

Dustless Blasting Is the Best Option

That is what you are getting with dustless blasting in Melbourne as well. Since there is water involved, all the dust and other contaminants are gathered within that water. It is a clean method for surface preparation for Melbourne businesses, where people can even continue working on the other side of a room where dustless blasting is occurring.

Businesses, factories, schools, homes and other establishments can all benefit from dustless blasting. And depending on the company you choose, you will find the cost is not much more than what you would pay for sandblasting.



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