✅ A Romantic Relationship Destined Forever

She was yearning to meet her true lover and when Maa Durga announced that her wish will come true. This was at a fashion show at Las Vegas in US. India the land of her birth beckoned often and this is where the union of Guarang and Moh Lal Rai took place.

Moh was brought up in a small town Jabalpur in a patriarchal family tied to traditions and yesteryear mores. Somehow she broke the shackles and became a successful fashion designer. But as faith would have it she fell into a marriage that was not to her liking and unhappiness bothered her throughout. She tried to adjust but it was not a success. With a child in her lap and financial dependence upon her husband she gave in. It was Maa Durga the Goddess who found a way out for her. Being extremely religious but paradoxically a glamorous fashion designer by profession Moh could smoothly mix both. This was the turning point in her life which augured nothing but hope. The jigsaw puzzle that was her life was unfolding slowly but surely it seemed a path to a happy life was opening up for her.

Her prayers were answered and her faith in the Goddess grew by leaps and bounds. This is what she was waiting for. A true lover which she instantly recognized as split half had entered her life. The relationship blossomed but the there were glitches as in every union. Even though there cannot be a relationship more cemented and harmonized than that of a couple born as split half there are lot of events that justify a narrative. Skillfully crafted narrative is a revelation and a joy to discover.

This is whence the love story commences and advances from one chapter to another. In some of these chapters the author Poonam Uppal skillfully explains the concept of ardhnareshwar or halfman half women as was portrayed in Lord Shiva’s life in the Hindu pantheon.

The sheer gut of a married lady who falls in love with another married man is difficult to digest. But nevertheless the romantic relationship proceeds in esoteric circumstances. Read A Passionaate Gospel of True Love by Poonam Uppal Indian Author.



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