✅ A Glamorous Love Affair in India

In the book A Passionaate Gospel of True Love Moh Lal Rai is a designer who turns into divine. Success strikes late for this lass and does not promise the sky even then. Born and brought up in a patriarchal family under the gaze of elders she lead a stifled existence bound strictly by male domination and with lot of restriction being a girl child. Freedom as Moh experienced it came late and by that time she was already embroiled in a turbulent relationship with her husband.

Hers was an arranged marriage and she was compelled by the circumstances to accept and relent. After trying for many years she was willing to change her spouse and was looking for the true love which was eventually forecasted by Godess Durga. Desperate to change her marital life she visits India where she was supposed to meet her true love. Destiny strikes true and Gaurang appears in her life. She meets him at Chennai and their romantic interlude revolves around that metropolitan of Southern India.

Albeit delayed glamour accompanies her throughout her life. From designer to divine she accepts her new relationship with vigour. The divine aspect intruded her whence she started hearing prophecies and announcements which she attributed to Maa Durga the Goddess.

But right from birth Moh Lal Rai was religious the designer label came due to professional quest for survival. Her love Gaur was glamorous like her and insanely jealous. He could not allow her to share her aspects with just anyone rival or not. Her glamorous approach made him more and more secure and there were instances of confrontation. But their overzealous love preserved the continuity and was turning it into an eternal flame that would never ever cease to exist. Love is an entanglement from which it is difficult to extricate and why? It is a wonderful feeling and a heavenly association.

In the romantic interlude between Moh & Gaurang there was no sex yet the association was heading towards its eventual outcome. lifelong commitment. The book A Passionaate Gospel of True Love is intensely engaging novel difficult to put down whence you start reading.



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